World Obesity Day 2022

Living with Obesity

We know that Obesity is one of the most challenging public health concerns of the 21st century and that according to the World Health Organization (WHO), the prevalence of obesity in many European countries has tripled since the 1980s.

However, we also know that obesity management requires co-operation between healthcare professionals with complementary expertise including dieticians, psychologists, exercise physiologists and specialists in numerous other diseases and conditions related to obesity. Delivering comprehensive treatment to people with obesity represents a real challenge for healthcare systems due to there being no medical specialism in obesity.

As a patient community, we ask that this be specifically recognised and addressed as part of national obesity strategies.
In these video’s you will have the opportunity to see and listen to how treatment can positively impact the life of a person living with obesity, and their families as they embark on a journey of treatment, support and the desire to educate against preconceived prejudices.

“Everyday you face challenges that others don’t, when you have obesity there are situations that make you feel uncomfortable daily, and for a person with obesity, every day this is an uphill struggle in some way.”

Marcos Antonio (Spain)

“When someone looks at me now, just by accessing my weight, they wouldn’t know that I’m still living with the disease of obesity. Obesity is a chronic disease. Don’t face it alone. Get out there and get help.”

Marion Rung Freibe (Germany)

“There is not the right amount of support out there for ladies, and gentlemen who need serious weightloss help. Now that I’ve lost alot of weight I can see the compensations. I’ve got more energy.”

Nicola Ruff (United Kingdom)

Sandra and Colinada are two sisters who underwent bariatric surgery on the same day in 2020.

Colinda says ‘Obesity dominated my life in a certain way. Since I have had surgery, In a sense, a whole new world has opened up for me. I can now do things I could not before’.

“I did exactly what the support services at the hospital told me to do, so that I achieved positive results in the end. Both positive in terms of the operation itself and also positive for me psychologically.”

Ralph Murbach (Switzerland)

These video’s were made by the European Coalition for People living with Obesity (ECPO) with the support of an educational grant from 

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