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Living with Obesity – Voices of Youth in Obesity

To date, there has been relatively limited research, discussion and policy focus on adolescent obesity, yet one in seven 15 years olds in Europe has overweight, or has obesity.

Young adults with obesity are continuously stigmatised, and ‘blamed’ for their weight. A prime example of the weight bias and stigma is prevalent in the images used by the media.

Currently teenagers with obesity are not receiving the support, guidance, treatment and care that has been indicated in ACTION Teens study 2022, Lund University study 2021, International project called ‘Confronting obesity: Co-creating policy with youth’ (COCREATE) 2021.

This Campaign will a focus on the real lived experiences of teenagers across Europe who are living with, or affected by overweight or obesity.

We have been engaging with young adults from Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and Ireland who have come together to discuss how THEY feel, and their experiences with obesity.

Podcast – Voices of Youth in Obesity

To raise awareness of lack of support and understanding of the challenges of teenagers (adolescents) who live with obesity, we have joined with a number of youths to share the perspective of what it is like to live with Obesity during these vital life molding years.

Episode 1 – Breaking the silence on teenager obesity

In this 1st episode we will discussing the challenges and needs of young adults who are living with, or affected by obesity.


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Eurobesity Magazine – Autumn 2022

ECPO Magazine Spring 2021

In collaboration with UrHealth4Life, we bring you the latest edition of the Eurobesity Magazine.

In this edition: We hear updates and reflections from the ECO conference in Maastricht, an update on the launch of the ‘Voices of the Youth’ campaign, what’s going on around Europe and many more…


Unrecognised obesity has significant impact on the lives of children and teenagers by fuelling a growing wave of other chronic diseases, including mental health issues, heart conditions, type 2 diabetes, as well as some cancers and problems in bones and joints. Nearly one in four teenagers (24%) don’t realise they have obesity and neither do one in three of their caregivers, according to a new international study.

Along with the full report, ECPO Executive Director Vicki Mooney has been the lead author in this Pain Language Publication looking at the views of teenagers with obesity, their caregivers and doctors.


ECPO Magazine Winter 2020

Voices of Youth in Obesity – Patient Lounge

ECPO Magazine Spring 2021

On this version of the Patient Lounge we launch our annual #LivingWithObesity Campaign with this year working with teenagers and young adults living with overweight and obesity.

It includes interviews with patients, parent, caregivers and a psychologist from Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, the UK and Ireland.

The first in what will be a series of monthly podcasts leading up to World Obesity Day on March 4 has also been published.

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